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  • Lisa Varner

Volunteer Highlight - Sue Bartlett

Sue Bartlett started volunteering with EFS shortly after her husband passed away. She’s been a volunteer extraordinaire for about 5 years now. Sue has a heart of gold. If she can help, she will. Sue has served on our Board, helped procure items for our auction, and donated to/delivered holiday gift baskets. She has helped with multiple client related calling projects: COVID care packages, COVID vaccine appointments, asking who would like a friendly visitor, etc. She was also essential in revising our community resource list by calling local organizations.

Sue has been matched with a couple ladies over the years for grocery shopping/errands.

Currently she is helping out a couple. The gentleman of the couple never learned to read

well, and Sue had been meeting with him regularly to practice reading. (Sue used to work

at Project Read, a program that teaches immigrant adults, and US citizens who were failed

by the public system, to read and write English.) The wife of the couple is one of our power

shoppers. Sue has taken her out on multiple occasions.

Sue has two daughters who she’s close to, as well as 5 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.

Sue hasn’t been abroad recently, but she loves to travel. In the past she’s been to

Bangkok, Singapore, Bali, Jakarta, Japan, Hong Kong, England, France, Germany,

Copenhagen and Switzerland. She’s also lived all over the states – Illinois, Indiana, New

York, Kentucky, Ohio, California, and Washington. We’re so lucky she landed here in



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