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  • Lisa Varner

Volunteer Highlight - Beth Driscoll

Beth Driscoll has been volunteering with EFS for the last 3 years. She’s helped out in so many different areas – driving, walking dogs, minor home repair, yard work, moving boxes, grocery shopping, helping with EFS events… the list goes on and on.

Most recently Beth has been matched with two of our clients, one for yard work and the other for downsizing. Both of these clients typically work alongside Beth, so she gets to hear a lot of interesting stories.

Beth's mom lives in Florida, so she can't help her mom very often. Instead she helps out our seniors here in WA. Beth states, "Seniors have so much to contribute and I have had so many laughs along the way!!!

Beth has two boys, one an officer in the Navy and the other graduating shortly from WSU with a degree in accounting. (Beth was a CPA, but now is a registrar at Swedish hospital.) Beth enjoys gardening and being outside. She is athletic and often participates in triathlons with Team Survivor Northwest.

Thank you Beth for your compassion!


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