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  • Lisa Varner

Volunteer Highlight - DeeAnn Maher

Updated: Apr 25

DeeAnn visits her matched client almost every week and has been doing so for many years. Back in January of 2022, DeeAnn slipped and broke her arm while walking downhill on ice. EFS asked if we should find a sub for her. DeeAnn said the doctor patched her up with a plate and screws and that the bone was strong because of that. She had to wear a sling for a bit, but it didn’t stop her from seeing her match.

DeeAnn’s client relies on her for home chores and transportation. DeeAnn drives her client to healthcare appointments, takes her on shopping excursions, and helps her complete errands. DeeAnn and her client have become good friends, almost like family. They will often stop for coffee after an appointment, and usually go out for lunch at least once a quarter. DeeAnn has taken her client out to WildFin in Issaquah on her birthday for many years. DeeAnn feels honored and blessed to be matched with her client.

DeeAnn helps her match put up Christmas decorations in December and take them down in January, and because her client is visually impaired, she reads cards to her at the Dollar Store so she can make a selection.

Many times DeeAnn will drop her match off for shopping at Value Village, one of her client’s favorite stores. Even though her client is 87, and visually impaired, she still enjoys her independence.

This is what EFS is all about.  Thank you DeeAnn for all that you do!


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