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  • Lisa Varner

Volunteer Highlight - Nedra Simon

Nedra started volunteering as a driver for EFS back in 2018 after retiring from a lifelong career as an ER nurse. (Nedra also volunteers with Acres of Diamonds - cooking for homeless moms/kids, and is a bible study teacher at her church.) As a driver for EFS Nedra has met many people and heard a variety of unique and amazing life stories.

In July of 2019 Nedra was matched with one of our male clients. For years, Nedra drove this client to appointments, took him grocery shopping, and helped with various other errands like books & clothes shopping. After errands, they would typically stop for coffee.

Sadly Nedra’s match had a major stroke a couple years ago and is now living in a skilled nursing facility. Nedra continues to visit him regularly. The client’s ability to speak is much diminished, so Nedra does most of the talking now, and instead of coffee, she usually brings a chocolate milkshake.

Nedra refers to her client as a real “Forrest Gump" with his many varied and unusual life experiences. “He is a true gentleman and has always demonstrated a humbleness which is rare nowadays.” Nedra and her client are both a big part of each other’s life. Nedra feels she has been truly blessed with this relationship.

Nedra’s pastimes include cooking, reading, hiking, biking and chatting with friends.

Thank you Nedra for all that you do!


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