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  • Lisa Varner

Volunteer Highlight - Sally Farrell

Sally was one of the founders of EFS. She describes herself as a “nonprofit entrepreneur”. She helps create a non-profit and then once they’re up and running, moves on to the next challenge. Sally has been integral to the formation of many organizations in our area.

Sally decided she had some extra time and wanted to help out a woman she met through the senior center programming at Beaver Lake Lodge. When the Lodge first started its programming, EFS was in touch to see if we could provide transportation. Sally has not only provided transportation, she has befriended a woman she met there. This woman has the beginning stages of dementia and is only comfortable if she has a companion. Sally has been that companion up until a month ago when she had to stop because of her own health.

Sally is a 4th generation Oregonian who enjoys people, travel, and cooking. We will

definitely miss having her as a volunteer.


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