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  • Lisa Varner

Volunteer Highlight - Cathy Reynolds

Updated: Apr 25

Cathy started volunteering about 7 years ago when her mother-in-law, who lived in Texas, stopped driving and moved into a retirement community. After seeing all the little things that her MIL needed assistance with, especially trips to the market, hair salon and doctor’s appointments, she thought “if I can’t be there to help her, I would help others in her position”, and thus became a driver for EFS.

Cathy enjoys the connections she makes with each client and works hard to find a common interest (gardening, reading, cooking, family, crafting, birth order…) and then builds the conversation from there.  She also loves to listen and hear the clients’ stories.   


The first client Cathy was matched with was undergoing chemotherapy and was also the caregiver for her husband. In Cathy’s words, “She was incredibly wise and kind and had a beautiful soul.” They bonded over recipes and gardening but quickly shared a much deeper connection during their drives to Swedish First Hill. She trusted Cathy and Cathy adored her. Cathy’s match lost her battle about 10 months after they met.

Cathy has been matched for about 5 years now with a woman she describes as, the “brightest, most independent 98 year old you’ll ever meet.” Her match is sharp, has a great sense of humor and is interesting and fun to be around. She enjoys reading and loves to visit and go out to lunch.


Cathy’s match calls her a second sister and tells her to never take her eyes for granted, to spoil her husband and always put her family first.  Keep following that advice Cathy, and thank you for being such a dedicated volunteer! 


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