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  • Lisa Varner

Volunteer Highlight - Rachel Jacobson

Updated: Apr 25

Rachel is matched with five of our clients. Originally she started with EFS as a driver, but when COVID hit she switched to being a phone buddy. Rachel was assigned 7 people to call, 3 individuals and 2 couples. For the most part, she talked to each client weekly.

As things started to open up again, Rachel made an effort to see these folks in person. She let her clients know that if they needed a ride, she was available. She’s visited with them to share a meal, walk around parks, and to help troubleshoot their smartphones, among other activities.

Since 2020, two of Rachel’s clients has passed away, but she still keeps in touch with the others on a regular basis, some more often in person, others by phone. Currently she’s taking one of the clients to the YMCA on a weekly basis, visits another who has recently gone to a rehab center, and chats with others on the phone. One of the clients talks to her quite a bit, but rarely sees her in person. He is a private person and was very leery of talking to her in the beginning. Now it’s hard to get him off the phone!

Thank you Rachel for providing companionship for our seniors!


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