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  • Michelle Grinslade

Fall Prevention Tips

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

They say it’s the little things that count in life. That couldn’t be truer when it comes to preventing falls in the home. There are lots of easy steps to take (pun intended) to avoid yourself or a loved one taking a tumble.

Rugs make a home look lovely and feel cozy but are the arch enemy of that weaker foot or leg that tends to not lift quite high enough. We often think we can manage that slightly lifted edge on the rug, but it’s our feet who have different thoughts! Pick up lighter throw rugs (they also cause slipping) or use non-slip pads under them. There are products you can purchase on Amazon that will stick down those stubborn lifting corners on heavier rugs.

Good lighting helps more than you this and judge distances. A nightlight in the bathroom works wonders when our brains AND feet are asleep. A well-lit area lets our brains and feet work better together to manage steps and avoid objects when we are less awake for middle of the night visits.

Eliminate (ok, tidy up at least) clutter and cords. Cords, can’t live with them, can’t live without them – regardless. They get in the way, run across rooms and make for excellent tripping hazards. Try to consolidate where the cords are plugged in by using multi outlet surge protectors in places where there are several things plugged in. There are inexpensive boxes to organize your cords or DIY one at home! (Any box, some scissors and a hole to fit the cord to outlet).

We love our pets, and they love us. So much that they are often underfoot – literally. This just takes a little more awareness on our part to keep track of our four-legged friends. Even when they seem to be in two places at once!

Finally, I know it can feel like quite the balancing act to coordinate all the potential “down falls” in the house. Balance itself, is something we can manage as well! Quick fixes could include sitting down to prep for dinner; broadening your stance when standing for longer periods; keeping often used items handy so you don’t have to reach too far or bend too low; taking rests in between tasks and especially taking your time when getting up after sitting a while.

There are lots of ideas out there to help prevent falls. Here are a couple of resources and examples of simple products that will help as well.


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